Grand Staircase

Brattleboro, VT

There are many benefits to my job, one in particular is getting to enjoy the changing of the seasons. While on this job in Brattleboro Vermont, the fall foliage season was at its peak. What an incredible site!

The Grand Staircase. I named it that because when you are standing in front it, it is truly is a grand sight.

This project was designed by Michaela Harlow at The Gardeners Eden. It was done in two phases, fall and the following summer. Working with Michaela on this project was great. Many conversations were had before the soil was even touched to begin the project.

The stone was sourced from Ashfield Stone Quarry and Sugarledge Stone Quarry.

Brattleboro Project

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Grand Stairs Brattleboro VT
one step at a time
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