In addition to new constructions, Curtis Gray Stonemason is able to do repairs of all kinds.

When it comes to repairs, each project must be carefully evaluated. Curtis will first determine why the stones have moved. Most of the time it comes down to drainage. Keeping water away from stone walls and structures is very important. Curtis will also use local stone from the area if available to keep the appearance of the wall original as possible.

When building a stonewall a mason can get distracted by focusing on the (face) of the wall or an individual stone too much. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can slow down progress and shift the focus from overall longevity and cohesiveness of the wall. The goal is to build a structurally sound stonewall while following guidelines set by many years of experience of masons before us. When this is done you won't have to worry about the (face) because it will look as it should. The face of the wall will reflect the careful placement of each stone.

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