Dry Stone Walls

New England is full of old stone walls. Historically used as property boundaries and livestock pens, the classic stone wall is freestanding and (when built well) will last for generations.

As land was put into agricultural production, field stone (large stone lying close to the surface) was cleared and turned into stone walls. Today, most walls are constructed with quarried stone.

Whatever type of wall you are looking to build (double-sided, curved, retaining) Curtis will work with you to identify and source materials, and to ensure that you get the look and quality you deserve from your project. Contact him to learn more.

Some examples of the walls Curtis has constructed are pictured in the galleries below.

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Wall Stories

Curved Walls

A classic look

Double Sided Walls

Timeless beauty

Pillars & Entryways

Add character to your landscape

Retaining Walls

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